JCI Bandar Klang: The Hatch Entrepreneurs Incubator

JCI Bandar Klang: The Hatch Entrepreneurs Incubator

The Hatch Entrepreneur Incubation Program, organized by JCI Bandar Klang, held a memorandum signing ceremony on July 23rd. We were honored to have JCI International President, Lu Binbin (卢彬彬), attend and witness the event. We extend our gratitude to all sponsors and partners for their generous support, enabling the smooth progress of The Hatch project!

Introduced to revitalize economies and inspire young entrepreneurs. This program offered a facility that provides resources and support to help startup businesses grow and succeed. These incubators typically offer services like mentoring, access to funding, office space, networking opportunities, and business development support. 

Since its launch in June, The Hatch has helped numerous entrepreneurs enhance their technical and soft skills. In less than two months, it has gained nearly 1,000 shares and over 10,000 views on Facebook. The memorandum signing ceremony invited nearly 10 partnering companies to witness the achievements of The Hatch participants! The sponsors and partners include Eagle Dynamics Haulage (M) Sdn Bhd, Globemate Logistics Sdn Bhd, Mega International, MyStartr Sdn Bhd, NEWPAGES Network Sdn Bhd, SLPR Worldwide, TeeIP Sdn Bhd, ValuingIP Sdn Bhd, and Chuan Fu Tian Xia.

MrStartr, the experienced crowdfunding platform in Malaysia, is also one of the partners of The Hatch. The Hatch will support young and promising entrepreneurs in the startup community, incubating more potential stocks that meet crowdfunding criteria. With practical training based on big data, The Hatch aims to enrich the startup ecosystem, contributing to the nation's economic chain."

Ms. Kaily, the CEO & Founder of "Mikali", emerged as the first runner-up in this startup competition, showcasing her exceptional abilities and accomplishments.