The Changes in Life with a Newborn

The Changes in Life with a Newborn

Emotional Changes

  • New parents experience a range of emotions upon welcoming a new life, including joy, anxiety, and an increased sense of responsibility.
  • Initially, one might think that taking care of a baby wouldn't be harder than dealing with workplace challenges, but it can be just as demanding. When I was pregnant with Xiao Mi, I thought everything would be easy. After maternity leave, I planned to leave my child with a nanny and return to work, but is it really that simple?
  • As a new mother, even changing diapers was chaotic. I struggled for hours each day with the baby and even cried at night due to the stress. Facing a baby, I felt so helpless.
  • So don't stress too much, and boldly ask your family for help. You don't need just your own two hands; if you feel helpless, you can ask for four or even six hands. Share the responsibility of taking care of the newborn with your family.
  • Sometimes, older generations might think their methods are best. "This is how I raised you," they might say. If you face this situation, calmly explain your stance to them. Elders can be right sometimes, but not always.
  • According to Malaysian statistics, the prevalence of postpartum depression ranges from 3.9% to 22.8%, indicating significant mental health challenges for new parents. This is not a low figure. New fathers, besides working hard to earn money, should also pay attention to their wives' mental health, providing warmth or rewards as needed to strengthen relationships and relieve stress.

Changes in Life's Pace

  • In addition to feeding the baby, there's cooking, household chores, work, and many other things that seem to require good time management. I truly believe that becoming a mother has made me better at managing my time. Our whiteboard lists important dates, like appointments with tenants or family dinners, helping us to prepare for upcoming activities and allowing for rest.
  • Housework should be a shared responsibility. Properly distributing tasks and turning them into habits can make life more fulfilling and rewarding.

Economic Impact

  • Raising a child can be as expensive as owning a Ferrari. In a high-cost living environment, even supporting oneself can be difficult, let alone a child. As a Malaysian, I chose to give birth in a government hospital. The cost was about RM 60-300. Government hospitals have improved; they're not like in the past. Compared to private hospitals, where childbirth costs at least RM 5000, this RM 5000 can be used for postpartum massages and care, which is more practical than medical expenses.
  • Second-hand items are not necessarily bad. At, we screen all mother and baby products, and we do not resell substandard items. This saves our customers an average of 67%, reducing unnecessary expenses and achieving environmental benefits.

Social Relationship Adjustments

  • Being a new parent is busy. It's okay to temporarily disconnect from external disturbances, but it can lead to losing oneself. So, I encourage maintaining social interactions and giving oneself a day of "Me Time."
  • Remember, I once drove for an hour with 5-month-old Xiao Mi to attend a breastfeeding counseling course. The journey was tough, but this perseverance brought me back to life, balancing childcare and personal growth.

Health Management

  • Paracetamol is a crucial nutrient for new parents, more valuable than expensive vitamins. Exercise brings discipline and the joy of sweating. You don't necessarily need a gym; home-based fat-burning exercises are just as effective.
  • Because of breastfeeding, I pay more attention to food, preferring homemade miso soup noodles and organic fruits and vegetables. Spending formula money on food seems like a good idea to me.






有人说养一个孩子的成本相当于供养一台法拉利。在物价上涨的环境中,养育孩子绝非易事。作为马来西亚公民,我选择在政府医院生产,费用大约在RM 60-300。与私人医院相比,后者生产费用至少RM 5000。这笔钱可以用于提升心理健康(如产后按摩)和产后护理,比起医药费用更实际。



成为父母后,生活变得非常忙碌。虽然可以暂时与外界隔离,但长时间这样做可能会导致迷失自我。因此,适度地与社会、朋友和同学交流,给自己安排一天的“Me Time”是很有必要的。我记得为了参加哺乳辅导课程,曾带着5个月大的小米开车一个小时去上课。虽然过程辛苦,但这种坚持让我感觉到自己在同时照顾孩子和个人成长方面“活”了过来。



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