【A Place of Dreams】

【A Place of Dreams】

Today mark a 12 years later, I was a proud office worker. It is truly an honor for me to work in a multinational firm - IBM. I was an IBM-er, wearing high heel shoes and carrying a ThinkPad bag, crossing One Utama every day and night during my employment period. (As the building just next to the One Utama shopping mall)

Back then, I never even thought about starting my own business. I saw working as the path to take after completing my degree. I thought a stable income, annual leave, and sick leave seemed really nice.

In order to earn a higher salary, I switched to another company. Honestly, I wasn't willing to do so, but after getting married, I had to bear the burden of mortgage payments, household expenses, and other necessities. I had to find a way to earn more. After switching jobs, things weren't bad. At least the working hours were from 7 am to 4 pm, completely avoiding rush hour traffic. When I got home, I could still take my dog for a walk, cook meals, watch dramas, and enjoy a relatively comfortable life.

Three years later, the company said they wanted me to work the night shift from 7 pm to 4 am, completely reversing my schedule.

At that time, I was pregnant. It was extremely difficult because my body was already accustomed to a different rhythm. When the child was born, nobody could handle her.

Recently, I've read many articles mentioning how all the education we received didn't end up being useful in the end. But I think it's a very personal matter. Everyone needs to have their own thoughts and goals and work hard to achieve them. Having an education will definitely give you an advantage, like an extra credit question.

Do I regret studying? My answer is: No.

Do I regret resigning? My answer is: No.

Do I regret starting my own business? My answer is: No.

As long as you have dreams in your heart, you can slowly reach the place you want to go, step by step.