Girls' Day Outing 【Barbie Night】

Girls' Day Outing 【Barbie Night】

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of attending an extraordinary event, thanks to a dear friend from Propnex who organized it. This event was aptly named the "Gathering of Barbies." In attendance were women who play various roles in the real world – daughters, wives, female entrepreneurs, mothers, and sisters. Sometimes, amidst our daily responsibilities, we may forget the purpose of our existence, leading to feelings of nervousness, tension, and even depression. We might occasionally succumb to moments of laziness as a form of escape, but deep down, we know that it's not a choice – it's just a brief pause in our journey of personal growth.

I was once an only child at home for the first nine years of my life, and Barbie was my constant companion during those formative years. Barbie, with her beauty, confidence, high heels, long hair, and striking makeup, represented the epitome of elegance. Watching a Barbie movie brought back cherished memories from my childhood.

As for Ken, when I was young, I had no idea he was Barbie's boyfriend – I thought they were just good friends. However, this movie clarified this for me. It taught me that everyone should strive for independence and chart their own paths to achieve their dreams.

Now, let's talk about Ruth, the creator of Barbie, who faced taxation and legal issues. The most touching moment in the entire movie occurred when they entered a dark room – a moment that brought tears to many, including my friend Wiiny. Barbie asked Ruth, "What should I do now? Can you guide me? After all, Ruth is the one who created me." Ruth emphasized that she was merely a creator, much like a mother who brings a child into the world but cannot hold their hand throughout life. Barbie must have their own dreams and aspirations. Ruth's message was clear: "Just be yourself, that's all I want."

Perhaps, this movie is suitable for everyone, especially mothers. It serves as a powerful source of encouragement for women, reminding us that we are unique and capable in our own right. So, here's to celebrating our individuality and strength! Cheers! 🥂

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