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【Lightly Used】Reading Flash Cards for kids (Titles, antonyms, animals)

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Four methods of word recognition, image recognition, Chinese, English, and Chinese-English, make children's learning more diverse. 


1-4 Word recognition flashcards:

(1) Titles, antonyms, animals 

(2) Basic individual characters  

(3) Fruits, places, daily necessities 

(4) Vehicles, occupations, buildings, sports. 



Key Highlights


Question: Benefits of early word recognition for children?


Answer: The purpose of word recognition is to enable children to read at an early age. Early reading is equivalent to giving children an additional pair of eyes to acquire knowledge. Through reading, children can enrich their vocabulary, improve their language skills, develop non-intellectual factors, cultivate a love for learning, and build self-confidence, laying a solid foundation for their lifelong development


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