It is D-Day! Will be featured in TV real soon

It is D-Day! Will be featured in TV real soon

This is the story of my journey on the first-ever Asia SME transformation show, which took almost half a year to complete just two episodes. I poured my heart and soul into sharing my entrepreneurial journey. I laughed, I cried like a crazy person. But that's not all. Up until now, I've been tirelessly working on expanding my new recycling model while managing household chores and cooking for my family every day.

From being a full-time mom, I upgraded myself to a female entrepreneur, starting from scratch. It's hard to explain how determined I was to keep my promise of achieving my dream. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the director team – Jace Chong, DJ Xiao Ma – and my mentors, as well as everyone behind the scenes. I understand that it's not easy, but who knows, maybe there will be another 'Kaily' in the future? Haha.

This could serve as a gift for my kids, a reminder that you are never alone when facing life's obstacles. Keep learning, keep seeking solutions, and keep fighting until you find a way to soar. 

Thanks Astro team for giving this opportunity,

thanks to myself,

.... and my courage. 

- Kaily

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